Flying Into The Fireworks 0

Fireworks may never look the same after you’ve seen them up close, thanks to drone videos like this.


Using a custom made racing drone, the Drone Racing League gives us an inside view of the explosions and a wonderful light show.

Ryan Gury — DRL’s Director of Product stated

“Racing drones are extremely resilient so pilots are more willing to take risks that you can’t do with more expensive equipment, I knew if my drone got hit with a mortar and came down I’d be able to pick it up and repair it quickly. That’s what makes racing drones a bullet-proof way to capture high-velocity media.”

“Racing drones are made to crash, because when pilots are flying through a course they often hit the ground or the wall,” Gury told Inverse in 2018. “Racing drones are super durable, made with thick carbon plates and are able to withstand a ton of impact and in this case projectiles from fireworks.”

Gury’s drone was hit by fireworks multiple times during his stunt flight, but besides being disoriented a few times he says the drone didn’t sustain any notable damage.

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